The Brain Tumour Charity

The Brain Tumour Charity offers a range of free services for people diagnosed with a brain tumour, including clear, up-to-date information, a dedicated support line, online communities, online chat and a benefits service.

I had the opportunity to meet with Helen Hills from the Brain Tumour Charity recently.  We have discussed ways in which ESNA may be able to help with their patient information material, and other initiatives that directly affect people who have epilepsy as a result of a tumour.  Helen has very kindly forwarded the links below, which members may find useful. I do hope that colleagues will want to help with this initiative as it moves forward. We will send out further information via the weekly bulletin.

Phil Tittensor, ESNA chair.


·         These are the links to the epilepsy factsheet


·         And the Travel and Driving information


·         You can download the factsheets directly from the website or Healthcare Professionals Hub ‘Order Materials’ tab


·         This is the HeadSmart link