New Epilepsy Nurse Training – ‘Improve your patient assessment technique’ – techniques to improve techniques in assessing and outcomes for the epilepsy patient and nurse

‘Improve your patient assessment technique’ training is scheduled for Wednesday 13 May 2015. A chance to spend a day looking at, and developing your own practice. Learn amongst other epilepsy nurses who understand the challenges and complexities of patient assessment.

Learning objectives:

  • To enable participants to handle difficult conversations with patients in order to facilitate care planning and goal setting and to develop key skills to enable the patient to generate sound sustainable solutions
  • To enable participants to become increasingly comfortable with their role as ‘facilitator’ in patient led care
  • To enable participants to gain a deeper understanding  of, and so work more effectively with patients who may show signs of resistance and to increase their awareness of the blocks to effective communication and develop tools to help overcome these successfully
  • To enable participants to gain appreciation of going through the process not jumping to the results
  • To increase participants understanding of concordance and theories associated with it to enable effective care planning, solution orientated working and patient led outcomes.

If you would like to attend the training please complete the form below send it, with your cheque for £30 made payable to Epilepsy Action to:

Peri O’Connor, Healthcare Projects Co-ordinator, Epilepsy Action, New Anstey House, Gate Way Drive, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7XY.

I would like to attend the Epilepsy Specialist Nurse ‘Improve your patient assessment technique’ training on Wednesday 13th May 2015

Name (please print):


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Office use only – £30.00 enclosed – code 4716/13/T9

Any dietary requirements:


Please answer the following questions:

What particular work situations would you like to use in the course?


Are there any particular scenarios you would find useful to discuss?




All registration monies will be held in a specific ESN educational fund that will be used to support professional nurse education in the UK.

The venue plus the subsistence during the training is kindly being sponsored by Eisai Ltd.

The location and venue for the training have not yet been confirmed.

Draft agenda for the day

  • 9:45 Arrival and refreshments
  • 10:15 Welcome and introductions. What do people want from the day?
  • 10:45 Defining the approach; why is this way of working effective? What’s the paradigm?
  • 11:30 Break
  • 11:45 Key communication skills for effective practice
  • 12:45 Lunch
  • 1:45 Understanding the blocks to effective planning and how to overcome them, the paradigm of concordance: theories that shed light on how to approach resistance
  • 2:45 Break
  • 3:00 Application of learning
  • 4.00 Action planning for application in the workplace
  • 4:30 Summing up, final questions
  • 4:45 Evaluation and close
  • 5.00 Departure

This is a rescheduling of the epilepsy specialist nurse motivational interview training postponed from December 2014. Anyone who paid in December is automatically allocated a place for May.