Epilepsy debate in the House of Commons, Thursday 26 February 2015 – we need your help!

A parliamentary debate on epilepsy is set to take place in the House of Commons on Thursday 26 February 2015 at 2pm.

This three-hour debate is a great opportunity to get MPs talking about epilepsy and the reality of living with the condition. It’s a way to highlight issues facing people with epilepsy to current and future decision makers.

The debate is likely to cover issues such as:

  • Standards of healthcare for people with epilepsy
  • A lack of specialist doctors and nurses
  • Access to the best treatment
  • Stigma and the social aspects of living with epilepsy
  • Challenges with education

Epilepsy Action’s vice-president Laura Sandys MP has secured the debate and we want to make it as successful and informed as possible by getting as many MPs there as we can.

What are we asking you to do?

We would like you to make sure the voice of people with epilepsy in your area is heard. All we are asking is just 15 minutes of your time to contact your MP.

Epilepsy Action have created a personalised template email that you can use to contact your MP and urge them to attend. It includes space for you to tell your epilepsy story. It is really important that you tell your MP if and how epilepsy affects your life and about any challenges you face. You can also tell them if you get a great service, perhaps from a nurse or school, so they can highlight the sort of good practice that we would like to see across the country.

Epilepsy Action will be contacting MPs encouraging them to take part in the debate and providing them with briefings. With your help, together we can ensure that decision makers understand the issues facing the 600,000 people with epilepsy in the UK.

Please contact your MP Use this form to create a personalised email to your MP and please let us know what they say.