Buccolam leaflets and video

ESNA have been working with Shire and their promotional company Accretio to improve support materials for Buccolam, the licensed oral midazolam treatment.


As a result we have created a handy credit-card sized demonstration guide for “how to administer Buccolam” which is now available for you to share with patients and carers of patients who have been prescribed Buccolam. If you would like some copies sent to you please email epilepsy@accretio.co.uk and they will get them sent to you straight away. Please state how many copies you require, and include the delivery address in your email.


In addition there is a new online animation for “how to administer Buccolam” available at https://vimeo.com/141039845 (Password: Buccolam0030) which is also available for you to share with patients.